Shipping and Delivery policy

You agree to pay Aramex's one-time fee, including valid VAT, once you register for the service.

Shipping charges are calculated according to the specified prices of your shipment; posted on the Website ("Shipping Charges") or as amended by Aramex from time to time. The shipping fee does not include all government taxes and value added tax on imported goods applied to the total value of the goods, including insurance and shipping fees and the consequential charges resulting from the shipment of the shipment in addition to the customs clearance ("VAT on imported goods") and any other fees to a third party, Including customs duties, shall be payable in respect of your cargo of goods, and you understand and agree to pay all taxes, value added tax and value added tax on imported goods and third party fees before or upon delivery of your shipment.

You agree to pay all shipping and other charges including customs duties and VAT on imported goods for any shipment requested on your account; when Aramex asks you to do so - regardless of who made the request. The above applies, including personal and entity accounts. On the assumption that you have provided accurate information for customs clearance purposes and customs have not disputed the value declared by you, the amount of value added tax on imported goods and customs duties actually levied by the customs authority may differ from the amount paid by you to Aramex .If the actual value of customs duties and value added tax on imported goods is more than the estimated amount imposed by Aramex, Aramex may charge you fees and will pay the difference in addition to any fine or expense incurred by Aramex due to the inaccuracy of the information provided by you.