Clutch Set

Part Number: 4WD2384
SKU: 4WD109

Vehicle Fitment

Part Manufacturer: Mantic
Make: Toyota
Car Model: HILUX

Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,

2,511.60 AED 892.50 AED 892.5 AED

2,392.00 AED

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4Wd Clutch Kit
clutch increases. The cover assembly’s pressure plate is manufactured from Spheroidal Capable of transmitting greater than 60% more torque than a standard

standard castings. The materials microstructure also improves heat

Clutch Kit making it suitable for high performance vehicles. This overall

dispersion. The cover assembly also incorporates greater clamp load

Torque Capacity increase has been achieved by higher Clamp Loads,

than a standard cover assembly. This translates to more torque transfer.

increased Mean Effective Radius of the friction area, better cooling of

Torque Capacity

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