Part Number: 4WDMS1-1138-BX
SKU: 4WD107

Vehicle Fitment

Engine: 3.0 Ltr, 2JZ-GE
Series: JZA80, 5 Speed, 5/93-12/96
Part Manufacturer: Mantic

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Clutch Direct are proud to offer Mantic Performance clutch upgrades for your vehicle. Increase the power and toque handling capability of your performance car.

Perfect for your performance car, whether it’s a drift, drag, circuit or even performance focussed daily driver, Mantic clutch is the ideal choice for you, offering the best combination of quality, performance and cost.

Mantic – The high performance specialists

Achieve never-before-seen performance. Mantic Clutch is an Australian manufacturer of high-quality performance clutch kits helping drivers everywhere get the best from their vehicle. Whether you are lined up in a drag race competition or out for some Sunday off-roading, with our dedication to premium quality, eye for precision and affordable prices, we deliver twin disc, racing clutch kits that make your driving experience more meaningful and more exciting.

At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia, Mantic Clutch designs, engineers and tests all race clutches in our aftermarket range, building them from the ground up to deal with the harshest road and competition conditions. We’ve made a name for ourselves both in our home country and around the world as a leading engineering firm, responsible for some of the most heavy duty, off-road clutch kits and the highest performance racing clutches on the market. If you’re looking for the missing piece for your vehicle that will help you get more from your car, find it in the Mantic Clutch aftermarket collection.

Mantic offer a variety of clutch compounds and configurations to suit your vehicle, racing from organic for your daily driver to sprung and metallic centers.

Stage 1 / ER2 organic

This clutch kit is specifically designed for the street performance market. The high torque capacity cover assembly’s pressure plate is manufactured from Spheroidal Graphite casting material, which has a yield strength 300% higher than standard castings. The materials microstructure also improves heat dispersion. In addition, the Mantic Stage 1 features our patented groove design, ER², CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate. Our stage 1 clutch system is capable of transmitting more torque than a standard clutch kit. This overall torque capacity increase has been achieved via higher clamp loads, increased Mean Effective Radius courtesy of the ER² designed pressure plate, improved heat displacement and use of a high coeffcient of friction organic material on the clutch disc. The clutch disc features organic facing material of both sides of the clutch disc making the stage one clutch system the most driver friendly option in our range.

Product Specification

Clutch Plate Dimensions: 235 x 21T x 29.0

Dual Mass Flywheel: Not Included

Solid Flywheel: Not Included

Concentric Slave Cylinder: Not Included

Torque Capacity: Peak: 446Nm, Recommended: 312Nm

Flywheel Spec: +0.5

Spigot: RSB541

Alignment: CAT180

Length: 40

Width: 30

Height: 15

More Information

This kit includes : MANTIC ER2 Heavy Duty Cover Assembly, Clutch plate, Release bearing , Clutch Alignment Tool, Spigot Bearing

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